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Our first foray into security was when, as consultants as well as being a Value Added Reseller, we were asked by several companies to evaluate their security protocols as the Internet became a viable alternative for business needs. One of the reasons we were asked is because we understood high end security products since we were selling them at the time. We also understood Privacy requirements and lots of legal stuff related to computers and the Internet.  It wasn't long before we became well known for forensic security issues.


Our target market has always been the small business shop and Mom/Pop retail/wholesale distribution companies.  It still is.  We chose not to run with the larger security firms because, frankly, we never have been interested in that kind of business structure due to the stress levels and layers of management to wade through for end products with low margins.  Thus, our business model is not for companies which have more than ten (10) employees.  Once in a while, we might sit in on some meetings just to give friends we know who own very large companies.  Then we would, if asked, give our opinion and if asked direct our friends to the organizations which could manage their needs.

Our business model was a perfect fit for a company we were suggested to review because the company which was using them as a vendor were having excellent experiences with them.  The company which suggested we review them wasn't for them but for us to be able to support security to the really small organizations.  That company, at the time employed 5,000 people in multiple locations and they themselves are heavily involved as a tier 1 automotive supplier for security end products.  Thus, the recommendation was valid and we've been most grateful as a result.

The company which we were asked to review was, at the time, Threat Track Security™.  It was a fairly new organization located in Florida (still there).  They were growing by leaps and bounds because their product known as the VIPRE™ was far superior to anything on the market.  They've kept it that way as well.  Eventually, they partnered with other organizations and took their brand and made it their company name.  We've been with them since shortly after they launched their product.  We haven't looked back.  We have several clients who use the product and are thankful for our recommending them as well as servicing their security requirements.

We could fill up this page, and may do so later, with what they offer.  In the meantime, because their website is one of the best for explaining what they have to offer, click on the laptop image above or here and take a look at what they have.  Then, if you want more information, contact us directly with your specific questions and we'll get the information you need in short order.  We are VIPRE™ authorized Resellers of their entire product line even though we specialize and cater to organizations with less than ten (10) employees.  We have VIPRE™ products on our computers, cell phones, and monitoring our timelines on Facebook.

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