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USERS and/or CLIENTS can be ONLY USERS or USERS and be a CLIENT.  When we refer to USERS, in any context, we are also referring to CLIENTS unless otherwise specified differently.

It is very important that you read and agree to the terms of service below since they concern all services that RMWJR Technology provides. We wish we could make them much shorter and simply tell you that:

  • We really do respect your privacy and your personal information (which you own) and will never EVER spam you. We hate spam too.
  • We do not want you to use RMWJR Technology to find out about our services, products, and anything else you do not own or that you would not feel comfortable showing your mother.
  • We promise to do our very best to create a great service if you promise not to sue us.

However, our lawyers tell us this just is not enough, so please read the terms of service below carefully.  If you disagree with any of the conditions listed, then it is up to you to close the window or tab and DO NOT VIEW THIS SITE. 


RMWJR Technology

Recognizes that respecting user privacy over the Internet is of utmost importance. This privacy statement is designed to provide information about the privacy and data collection practices for the site: The Site is operated by RMWJR Technology.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact our site coordinator using the form below:



These Terms of Service shall apply to anyone signing up ("the User") for our Services and Products to be provided by us ("the Seller") RMWJR Technology. The User (YOU) may at the (if so designated via contract) download RMWJR Technology software, share with others or make available to User's own member profile, comments, photo albums, text, pictures, sound, data links, video links, articles and other third party applications, software or content from, and/or links to, third party sites as designated permissible via a written and Signatory Contract separate from these statements though subject to these statements.
The User may also choose to be connected to
  • the RMWJR Technology Hosting Service (the "Hosting Service") and
  • the RMWJR Technology Widgets Service (the "RMWJR Technology Widgets") in use by our Partners/Vendors and
  • the RMWJR Technology Standard and Pro licensing program (the "Software License") which are also in use by our Partners/Vendors.
The Hosting Site, the RMWJR Technology Widgets, and the Software License (each referred to as the "Service or Product" or together as the "Services or Products") are all made available by RMWJR Technology in the USA ("RMWJR Technology").


Our Services may vary over time. RMWJR Technology's current Services are described at the website. For each particular Service, specific terms and conditions may apply, as further advised by RMWJR Technology via a written and signatoried contract by both the "User" and the "Seller".

At this time, RMWJR Technology is providing several types of services such as Web Site Hosting, Photo Cataloging Services,  Marketing Consulting Services, and Hardware/Software products and services type of accounts in relation to other services via different web sites from third party providers. The User can access a paid account which requires the User to subscribe to such a paid account. Different terms apply for our Services provided which are detailed in a Contract and become legal entities once all required signatories are affixed as specified on such contracts.  RMWJR Technology provides Web Site Hosting and ancillary services to Users/Clients who are United States of America citizens and/or have the credentials from their employers/Companies which are classified as USA Corporations and/or Self-Employment entities Certified with "Doing Business As" via the Internal Revenue Service applicable licenses when and where required either by the United States of America Government, State, and/or Local government entities.

A non-paid account may be used only for RMWJR Technology generated content for demonstration purposes only. A web site or other kind of an account is 100% owned and managed by RMWJR Technology for demonstration purposes only. RMWJR Technology may, at its discretion, display advertisements on a non-paid account. A User may not have any non-paid account at any time.

The User subscribes to the paid account by negotiating via a written legal document (Contract) with RMWJR Technology and paying the relevant fees described within the Contract.

The RMWJR Technology Widgets may at any time be disabled, enabled, added or removed by the User, once the Contract is agreed upon and payment of fees by notifying, in writing with legally authorized signatures, RMWJR Technology. If the User authorizes RMWJR Technology to enable Widgets, they will appear on the User's content, regardless of where such content is physically hosted. RMWJR Technology Widgets are served from RMWJR Technology's servers whether physical or contracted (out sourced to a third party), and their appearance may change over time.

For some activities, the User must acquire a Pro License, as defined in the Contract, if the RMWJR Technology software is used commercially. The Pro License is personal and may be used on all the computers the User uses, but only one computer at a time. The User must sign the Contract and remit applicable fees to validate the Pro License.


Our Services to be provided hereunder requires the User to be connected to the Internet, and having such necessary equipment as may be required to access our Services, as they may evolve over time. Such connection and equipment shall be arranged, maintained and paid for by the User.

The User may not use any software (or authorize the use of such software) in relation to our Services which may cause disturbances to our Services, such as malicious scripts or similar. Should such disturbances occur, the software will be removed and the User notified accordingly as well as to the applicable law enforcement agency.

RMWJR Technology is and shall be entitled to constantly develop and improve its Services, technically and commercially. RMWJR Technology undertakes to inform the User on RMWJR Technology branded web portals as well as by email in reasonable time prior to launching any major upgrades or changes to our Services. In the event that such an upgrade or change would significantly limit the possibilities of the User to continue to use our Services as intended, the User shall be entitled to terminate our Services within 14 days after such an upgrade or change was launched. The User shall be considered to have accepted the upgrade and/or change after the end of this period, or if our Services are used by the User within that time.


The User/Client shall pay the fees set forth within RMWJR Technology Contract for any paid services that the User has agreed to purchase.  RMWJR Technology reserves the prerogative to withhold services when the User/Client fails to honor any contract for services rendered, regardless of reason.



By providing personal data on RMWJR Technology web sites, Users who are physical individuals shall be considered to have given consent to the treatment of personal data set forth below and in the RMWJR Technology privacy policy as set out in Appendix 1. It is voluntary to provide the personal data to RMWJR Technology, but the User acknowledges that certain Services cannot be provided if the User does not provide certain mandatory information (including, where applicable, personal identification numbers).

Information provided by the User will be used to provide a basis for the User's connection to our Services, the provision of our Services, agreement administration, customer profiling and market analyses (such as reasons for the User's cancellation of the terms of service, and information about the utilized services), for market and product development purposes, marketing purposes and payment of fees, and, if necessary, to abide to decisions by governmental agencies and courts.

For the purposes of providing our Services and agreement management (e.g. payment of fees), personal data may be transferred to parties co-operating with RMWJR Technology, and to other countries, also outside the USA area. RMWJR Technology may also use such information in conjunction with other registers, to the extent necessary to maintain its customer register.

The User may at any time revoke the User's consent to use the personal data as aforesaid, the User acknowledging that this may lead to RMWJR Technology having to terminate our Services.

The User is entitled to request information from RMWJR Technology on RMWJR Technology's use of the personal data, and also to receive of a copy of the User's personal data held by RMWJR Technology.


From time to time, RMWJR Technology may have to license certain software for use on the User's web site.  The subscription and Software License of a Service is personal and may not be transferred, nor may the User give anyone else the right to use the User's Software License or subscription to the Service(s), without the consent of RMWJR Technology.  An addendum may be required to be affixed to the Contract which enables RMWJR Technology the right to manage said Subscription and Software Licensing so as to perform our Services being offered and paid for by the User.

RMWJR Technology is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations under the terms of service to an entity that will fulfill RMWJR Technology's obligations in relation to the User subject to what is written on our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page


Upon occurrence of disturbances or interruptions relating to our Services, RMWJR Technology shall commence error diagnostics within a reasonable time after notification from the User. Normally, RMWJR Technology will commence such error diagnostics at the latest after one working day after notification. RMWJR Technology is not under obligation to correct any errors that are caused by circumstances outside RMWJR Technology's reasonable control, such a disturbances relating to the internet service provider, or equipment or software not included in our Services including what is written on our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page.

Should such disturbances and/or interruptions make the Service(s) unavailable to the User, the User may request that a corresponding deduction of the Service fees are made. Such deduction will be carried out through reduction of the payable Service fees for the next up-coming period; assuming the User has paid and is up-to-date with the PAYMENT terms.  Should the USER be in violation of the PAYMENT terms section, no deductions will be warranted nor granted.


RMWJR Technology will, to a limited extent, provide e-mail support and support through RMWJR Technology's web forum for the brand which is being used by the User. The User shall if subscribing to a paid account or having a Software License be entitled to priority support through e-mail so long as the User continues to pay fees for services in accordance to any Contracts for which the User and RMWJR Technology have executed with the applicable signatories.  Should the User discontinue adherence to said contract, then Priority Support shall cease to exist when such contract expires for lack of payment and/or written request to cancel said contract.

RMWJR Technology will continuously maintain its software, its equipment and the branded web site (such as or the Users Web site), and RMWJR Technology reserves the right to temporarily shut down our Services during such maintenance. Should such shut down last longer than six hours, RMWJR Technology will normally notify Users in advance, through e-mail or through the branded web site


The User is not allowed to charge others for the direct or indirect use of our Services without RMWJR Technology's prior express written consent. Such consent shall be in RMWJR Technology's sole discretion and may require additional fees from the User.

The User shall be solely responsible for its' (and its affiliates', subsidiaries' and representatives') use of our Services.

The User is not allowed to use the Service(s) to store and/or use executable files including without limitation .exe and disk images including without limitation .img, .bin, .cue, .iso, .mrg, .toas, and .dmg files.

The User shall abide to applicable legislation and rules, including the The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and subsequent revisions which is a regulation in European Union (EU) law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union and the European Economic Area (otherwise abbreviated "GDPR") since RMWJR Technology may or may not use (at its discretion) sub-contractors from the European Union (with or without permission from the User), instructions from RMWJR Technology, and generally accepted ethical and moral standards when using the Service(s) (including without limitation discrimination or incitement to racial hatred, or sexually oriented material and child pornography). The User may not use the Service(s) such that RMWJR Technology or any third party is caused any damage. Should the User become aware that Service(s) are used in violation of the foregoing (everything previously written), the User shall immediately notify RMWJR Technology and the User shall take such reasonable steps as can be required in order to ensure that such violation ceases.  All of the above include what is written on our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page.

As near as we can determine, we are in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act as defined in Assembly Bill No. 375, Chapter 55 for Title 1.81.5 (commencing with Section 1798.100) to Part 4 of Division 3 of the Civil Code, relating to privacy. [Approved by Governor June 28, 2018. Filed with Secretary of State June 28, 2018.]  This Bill is effective on January 01, 2020.  All of the above include what is written on our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page.  Ref:

The User may not without proper authorization access or try to access other Service(s) or other resources through the Service(s), nor without authorization try to access, use, destroy, distort or disclose any information belonging to RMWJR Technology or any third party.

The User shall indemnify and hold RMWJR Technology harmless for any damage inflicted by the User, or any affiliate, subsidiary or representative of the User.  Also includes to what is written on our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page.

If RMWJR Technology has reasonable cause to suspect violations against applicable legislation or rules, RMWJR Technology's instructions, this terms of service or generally accepted ethical and/or moral standards, RMWJR Technology shall be entitled, without prior notice and without assuming any liability whatsoever, to disconnect the User from the Service(s) and void any and all contracts the User has violated. RMWJR Technology shall further be entitled to take the necessary measures needed in order to prevent further distribution of prohibited information, including without limitation by accessing the Service accounts of the relevant User and deleting or transferring such information. RMWJR Technology shall further be entitled to access such information that is stored, processed or distributed through the Service(s) and to transfer the same to the relevant governmental agencies or courts.  If the foregoing is executed, there will be no fees returned to the User assuming such fees have been paid.  If the User is in arrears, regardless of reason, those fees which are in arrears will become mandated to be remitted along with any late fees governed by contract to be paid under such circumstances.

The User shall be solely responsible for all information the User stores, processes or distributes through our Services. The User shall not distribute information that can be an infringement of any third party's intellectual property rights, or which can be considered to constitute slander or libel, encourages criminal activities, or contains information that could be classified as child pornography, violence or discrimination against race or sex.

The User shall, where applicable, be of legal age as defined in applicable legislation.

The User shall not use the service in a way that is negative to RMWJR Technology and deviates from the average RMWJR Technology User usage to a great extent i.e. spreading computer viruses or other software damaging other Users computers, using unnecessary amount of bandwidth or using unnecessary long sessions.


All rights to the RMWJR Technology Services are vested with RMWJR Technology or its rights holders including its Partners and Vendors.

The User or its rights holders, as the case may be, will remain the owner and/or holder of any intellectual property rights of any data provided by the User in relation to the Service(s).

RMWJR Technology shall be entitled to create links to the User's web pages, and/or user-generated content.
Please make sure you read and comprehend our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) which covers certain other subjects such as DUE DILIGENCE, AFFILIATION/PARTNER/RESELLER PARTICIPATION, COPYRIGHTS etc.


Aside from what is explicitly set forth herein, Dragon Technology Consultants Corp shall not be liable for any failures, errors, interruptions or disturbances in relation to the Service(s) including those listed in our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page.

RMWJR Technology shall not be liable for loss of data or information. RMWJR Technology shall not be liable for any other indirect or consequential losses. Under no circumstances shall RMWJR Technology's aggregate liability hereunder exceed the fees paid by the User during the six months immediately preceding the occurrence of the damage.

Any claims for damages against RMWJR Technology shall be made within reasonable time after the damage occurred, or two months thereafter, whichever is longer, after which time RMWJR Technology's liability shall cease.

RMWJR Technology shall not be liable for any damages in relation to circumstances that reasonably are outside RMWJR Technology's control, including without limitation circumstances constituting force majeure, and acts and omissions of third parties.

RMWJR Technology has provided other companies access to its web page, where such companies are marketing and selling their products and services. Further, RMWJR Technology's web page contains links to other web pages that are not controlled by RMWJR Technology RMWJR Technology is not responsible for such third parties, their products or services, and explicitly disclaims any liability in relation thereto.  In addition to what is listed on our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page.


The term of service will apply for as long as the User is connected to our Services. For paid accounts and Software Licenses, the period of connection is specified on RMWJR Technology contract; and for paid account requires the User to pay the relevant, recurring fees stated within the contract.

Our Services may be terminated by either party at any time, upon a three (3) month notice (90 days) period. RMWJR Technology shall be entitled to retain any fees paid by the User, regardless of the cause of such termination, unless otherwise set forth herein and/or within the written contract executed at the beginning of the Services being offered.

Should a User fail to pay/render the recurring fees for the Managing our Services of/for the User or fail to show any activity on the account for a period in excess of two months, then RMWJR Technology shall be entitled to remove the contents of the User's account, close the User's account, and cancel the contract for Service(s). RMWJR Technology shall make reasonable efforts to contact the User over the e-mail address provided by the User and available to RMWJR Technology The User shall then have the option to prolong the User's terms of service with RMWJR Technology (to the extent applicable subject to payment of the then current and past due fees as well as terms stated within the written and signatories contract) or to reactivate the account, or remove the contents. If the User has not either prolonged the terms of service with RMWJR Technology (or reactivated the account), or removed the contents within 30 days after such e-mail notification, RMWJR Technology shall be entitled to remove the contents without assuming any liability in relation thereto.


RMWJR Technology shall be entitled to change the price and/or other terms and conditions applicable to our Services. The current terms and conditions shall always be available on RMWJR Technology via and by contract addendums.

Should such change referred to above be an increase of fees, or would entail changes that would be materially detrimental to the User, RMWJR Technology shall notify the User through e-mail, and the User shall then be entitled to terminate the terms of service, with effect from when the change is effected. If the User uses our Services after such changes having been implemented, such use shall be deemed to constitute an acceptance of the change.


The term of service and all circumstances pertaining to it shall exclusively be governed by the laws of the United States of America and its territories as well as by treaty with any other government entity outside of the United States of America including the European Union and The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 which is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union and the European Economic Area which was implemented on 25 September 1218 and subsequent revisions thereafter.

Any disputes arising out of this term of service or the relationship between the parties shall be solved through amicable negotiations in good faith between the parties. In the event that the parties cannot agree, either party may refer such a dispute to a District Court of the United States of America.


When the User is an instrumentality of the United States Government, the following terms apply.

Claims for damages other than contract damages: Section 9.6 of the Terms of Service do not apply. Recourse against the United States Government shall be governed by the Federal Tort Claims Act as set forth in 28 USC § 1346(b).

Claims for damages under a contract: Disputes arising out of any contracts with the United States Government, including this agreement, shall be governed by the Contract Disputes Act 41 USC § 602(a).

Appendix 1 Privacy Policy


These days, we all need to be careful about the way we use our own personal data. RMWJR Technology would therefore like to take the opportunity to clarify that it will process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union and this Privacy Policy.


RMWJR Technology is the controller of personal data pursuant to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

RMWJR Technology has created this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the information about yourself that you send to us. This privacy policy only applies to data gathered through RMWJR Technology's Services. The policy does not apply to any other information or websites.

Please review this privacy policy periodically as we may update it from time to time. Each time you visit our Services or provide RMWJR Technology with information, you are, by doing so, accepting the practices described in the Term(s) of Services and in this privacy policy at that time. You agree that by using our Services you are expressly and affirmatively consenting to our use and disclosure of the information that you provide for. You also consent to receive e-mails, as described below.


In order to operate our Services in an efficient manner and provide Users with the possibility to share content and information with each other, RMWJR Technology may collect personal data, such as your name, browser type, IP address, e-mail address, telephone number, address, and any other personal or preference information that you choose to provide to us, e.g. in connection with using our Services. This information enables us to offer our Users' personal and secure areas where the User, after having logged in, can post content and/or modify content on our Services. RMWJR Technology may also register information pertaining to the User as a basis for the User's connection to our Services, administration of our Services, customer profiling, market profiling, market analyses (in order to further market and/or product development) and if needed to abide to decisions by governmental agencies and courts.

When posting content, our Users decide for themselves how much personal information they wish to display.

All Users should be aware that when they voluntarily display or distribute personal data (such as their e-mail address, photos and phone numbers), that information can also be collected and used by other visitors and members to our Services. This may result in unsolicited messages from third parties for which RMWJR Technology is not responsible. Also, you may have arrived at these Services by following a link from one of RMWJR Technology's Social Networking accounts, an email, other services from which RMWJR Technology has a contract for vending products to you or anyone else, from Search Engines, from time to time co-operating partners, and others. If so, please be aware that RMWJR Technology may share your information with that co-operating partner and the affiliate may use the information consistent with its privacy policy instead of this one.

As a User of our Services, you agree that RMWJR Technology may use your personal data to contact you and deliver information to you that might be of interest to you (such as the RMWJR Technology newsletter or communications regarding your submitted content) and provide communications applicable to your use of our Services. By accepting this privacy policy, you expressly agree to receive this information. If you do not wish to receive these communications, we encourage you to opt out of any further receipt by following the opt out provisions provided in each such communication.

RMWJR Technology may also disclose specific information relating to a User if RMWJR Technology determine that such disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable law, to co-operate with or seek assistance from law enforcement or to protect the interests or safety of RMWJR Technology or other Users of our Services. In addition, RMWJR Technology may pass on personal data that we have collected to a third party in the event of a transfer of ownership or assets or the bankruptcy of RMWJR Technology

RMWJR Technology never asks for sensitive personal data. When the User voluntarily distributes personal data disclosing race, ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical belief, the User does this on his or her own initiative, with the risk that RMWJR Technology will process the information, and you hereby agree to such processing.

If you have any questions about RMWJR Technology's processing of your personal data or if you would like to have information on recipients of personal data, we ask you to contact RMWJR Technology using the Contact Form below. You may also contact this e-mail address if you discover that your personal data is incorrect or believe that RMWJR Technology has processed your personal data contrary to the General Data Protection Regulation or this privacy policy. RMWJR Technology will then endeavor to correct, block and/or delete such incorrect personal data and to correct the improper use of the personal data.

HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and its implementing regulations and other state and federal laws and legal privileges)

*CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE:* Messages may contain material protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and its implementing regulations and other state and federal laws and legal privileges.  Messages are only for the personal and confidential use of the individuals or organization to whom a message is addressed. If you are an unintended recipient, you have received this message in error, and any reading, distributing, copying or disclosure is unauthorized and strictly prohibited. All recipients are hereby notified that any unauthorized receipt does not waive any confidentiality obligations or privileges. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately by completing the form at the bottom of this page and confirm that you have deleted or destroyed the message. DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page.


Our Services may contain links to other websites. RMWJR Technology is not responsible for the privacy settings of other web sites. RMWJR Technology encourage Users to be aware when they leave our Services to read the privacy statements of each and every web site that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy policy applies solely to information collected by RMWJR Technology Corp; including what is written on our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page.


RMWJR Technology uses third party advertising companies for advertisements when you visit this web site and any other web sites owned and branded for RMWJR Technology. These companies may use information about you and your visits to this and other websites in order to advertise on this site and other sites about goods and services of interest to you;  including what is written on our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page.


RMWJR Technology considers it to be of the utmost importance to protect your privacy. However, as a User of our Services you are aware and agree that you assume all responsibility and risk for your use of our Services, the Internet generally, and the content you post or access and for your conduct on and off our Services. For the avoidance of doubt this includes the responsibility to obtain any necessary consent from individuals featuring in the content prior to publishing it in our Services. We cannot and will not guarantee that the content you chose to post on our Services will not be viewed by unauthorized persons. RMWJR Technology is not responsible for circumvention of any privacy settings or security measures contained on our Services. You understand and acknowledge that, even after removal, copies of the content may remain viewable in cached and archived pages or if other Users have copied or stored your content. However, any improper collection or misuse of information provided on our Services is a violation of our Services and should be reported to RMWJR Technology via our contact page at; including what is written on our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page. 

As a User, you never need to provide personal data when you visit RMWJR Technology branded websites. Logging into our Services is always optional. Posting content on our Services puts you and the content in front of other members and non-members.


RMWJR Technology only uses cookies for the protection and convenience of our Users. Cookies enable us to offer pages to our Users without asking them to sign in separately each time (assuming we have created a sign in page for a contracted User. However, if a User's system is idle for a longer period of time, the cookie will expire thus forcing the User to sign in again to continue the session. This prevents unauthorized access to the User's information while away from the computer). You may have the ability to reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being used. However, some of RMWJR Technology's services do not function properly without cookies being enabled within your browser or tablet or smart phone or any other device allowing you to access our web site via the Internet (World Wide Web).


RMWJR Technology uses third party advertising companies for advertising purposes when you visit our Services. These companies may use information (however, not your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number) about your visits to our Services and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. However, you have the possibility to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being used by configuring (various settings) your browser, tablet, smart phone, or any other device which can access the World Wide Web (www) also known as the Internet. Please see your devices documentation in order to do this; including what is written on our DISCLAIMER POLICY (click) page.

Last updated September 12, 2020

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Residents of California have the right to opt out of RMWJR Technology & Viceroy Internet Marketing “selling/sharing” their personal information. Under California law, “selling/sharing” includes when RMWJR Technology & Viceroy Internet Marketing shares your personal information with another business in exchange for some type of value.

RMWJR Technology & Viceroy Internet Marketing does not share your personal information with other businesses for that business to market their products and services to you. However, if you participate in one of our Programs, you have consented to your personal information being “sold/shared” (under California law) to our other branded websites such as for RMWJR Photography, our Local Community Endeavors - UCINOH, and Educational Notifications strictly for the purpose of those Brand's market research. By consenting to provide to RMWJR Technology & Viceroy Internet Marketing, and allowing RMWJR Technology & Viceroy Internet Marketing to “sell/share” your personal information to our other brands, you may have access to certain financial incentives through our member appreciation programs (in development).

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You have the right to revoke your consent to RMWJR Technology & Viceroy Internet Marketing “selling/sharing” your personal information to our other brands at any time. However, you acknowledge that by revoking your consent, you will be removed from ALL OF OUR COMMUNICATIONS, for which we have direct control and you will no longer have access to our member appreciation programs (in development) and Newsletters notifying you of new projects, products, educational materials, programs, and other technology related entities.
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