GDPR: Four letters that put fear into firms' hearts since May of 2018 via @theregister [click]


"Data protection has never had a higher profile"
By Rebecca Hill 26 Dec 2018 at 11:03 am


Read the article first and then read our response which we have posted to our Facebook accounts as well as on this website of ours below:

Amazing the number of USA organizations who think they don't have to do legal statements on their websites including one for privacy rights for the USA, various States in the USA, Canada, UK, the 47-nations in The European Union (GDPR), Japan, Russia, China, South Korea, and so many more.

There will be a day when they get sued by the European Union and by then it will be too late. The EU has a ZERO TOLERANCE with this legislation. If a form of any kind asking for data from people, you are required to 1) abide by USA Privacy Legislation; 2) abide by Canadian Privacy Legislation; 3) abide by The European Privacy Legislation (GDPR) and it is legally required to be posted in detail on all websites with any kind of Form asking for data. Failure to comply is asking to be fined upwards of several million dollars.

You don't have to trust us (RMWJR Technology Corp) because we aren't attorneys nor do we practice law. However, we do know what the laws read. Our advice, find a lawyer who SPECIALIZES in International law as well as Privacy Legislation though be prepared to pay a hefty sum of money for that advice. Again, failure to post how you handle collection of data on your website, whether by cookies and/or by Forms, you are obligated to meet all legal legislation by Treaty between the USA and other foreign Governments as well as by using the Internet to solicit any kind of business. Failure to do so will subject your company, whether incorporated or not, whether for profit or not for profit, private individual, DBA, and otherwise (including governmental entities in the USA) up to 7 digit fines with ZERO TOLERANCE. No warnings, no arguments. It will happen and you will have absolutely no excuse for not doing so.

How do you get out of it? Well, you can do what the New York Times did and that's BLOCK every country in the world except the USA from seeing your website. Remember, however, they pay people to do that and they pay them well. If you know what you are doing and how to do it, then go for it especially if you ONLY want to do business in the USA.

But what about all those vendors you use to host your website? Back to the Legal fine print you need to have posted on your website. And if you don't? A disaster is waiting to happen and it is not a question of when though it is a truism that you will be vulnerable to the nth degree of stupidity.

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