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RMWJR Technology - Marketing Brand

Viceroy Internet Marketing is our marketing brand.  The brand is responsible for insuring our Internet Initiative and Information News are timely for clients and others.

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RMWJR Technology - Value Added Reselling

We are resellers of well known brands for technology  hardware, software, security products, and exclusive branded products such as Fine Art.

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RMWJR Photography - Professional Photography

Our founder is a well known professional photographer who has a vast portfolio of images posted on various professional labs which also do fulfillment requirements.  We represent his photography work and market not only his name but also select the best outlets for his products to be sold.

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RMWJR Photography - Pubicist for Other Artists

We have a number of artists we represent who may be amateurs and professionals though do not have the means nor time to do their own marketing.  We create Internet catalogs of their work and list selected pieces with professional labs which also do fulfillment processes.

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Proven Results

RMWJR Technology came into existence in 1983 as a family corporation.  The owners at that time were Robert and Carol Worth.  They formed their first corporation as C&R Business Systems Ltd selling, installing, and training for accounting and financial software, computer hardware, networking to small and medium sized businesses of between 5 and 100 employees.  The industries included retail, wholesale, medical, financial, insurance, manufacturing, and service organizations.

RMWJR Technology owns several brands

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