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Who We Are - Brief History - What The Future Might Be

We have been in business since April 2, 1983.  We began working with profit and non-profit organizations primarily with accounting and financial software doing interconnectivity of computers.  As time progressed, we transitioned to building and managing web sites for our clients.

Between 1983 and 1997, we installed, serviced, and trained personnel from industries associated with the medical profession, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, retail, social service organizations, automotive, and the entertainment sectors.  In 1997 we began to transition the skill sets we honed into the Internet Marketing phase while continuing with selling financial and medical software solutions.

As part of our web management business, we began engaging photography to create as well as control the time elements to post process images for web sites as well as for record keeping historical perspectives for selected clients.  One of our clients was an advertising agency which hired us specifically for photography as well as web management.

Somewhere around 2002 we became more engaged with the entertainment industry because of our growing Internet business model, which we designed.  Our client portfolio became more centered around security for medical and financial processes which required us to become familiar with HIPPA as well as International law governing privacy issues.

Build your new website, or update your existing site!

There are a number of methods one can use to build a website.  Updating one can be a challenge depending on how it was built and where it was built.  What we do is make sure that when we build a website for a client, we use tools of our trade and we partner with other organizations which enhance what we have or we do not have.

If you want to do your own website, we can consult with you to insure you meet all the requirements for privacy, accountability, and services for your customers.  If you want us to build and manage your website, we do so using tools which allow us to build it and manage it quickly and efficiently.  Our rates are competitive though, because of our business model, are generally less than any other organization.  We work on a monthly fee basis for the first year which insures you a low cost and one which you can budget easily.
  After the first year, you can continue to retain us or move to a different provider.  Out of nearly 50 clients since 1995, we've only had two clients choose to part ways after the first year.

Unlike other purveyors of website creation, we do the behind the scenes work and keep the website up-to-date by insuring that when you want a change performed, it gets done timely and efficiently with no extra costs.  No longer do you have to find someone in your organization not only do the website but also all the other work you have them doing with tight deadlines.  Talk to us because our story is a business model which saves you money and at the same time keeps your website up-to-date and includes all social networking activities across multiple channels relative to your industry.

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Featured - Portfolio Management

Let's say you have a photography library of thousands of photos from vacations, travels, fun stuff.  We can manage it for you setting up easy to use photo albums either with passwords or wide open to the world. 

Featured - Marketing via Web Sites for Business, Getting YOU Noticed

Yes, we do many kinds of web sites for businesses whether they be associated with Medical, Insurance, Finance, Legal, Manufacturing, Mom and Pop Retailing, General Businesses.  For a low monthly payment we take care of you for as long as you want us to.

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